Fiber-Filament Recycled Polyester

Eco Fiber

Recycled polyester Filament is a regenerated product made from used PET bottles. It is an eco-friendly and sustainable fiber that can save oil resources and reduce carbon emission. Recycled polyester filament can be used for knitted and woven fabrics. Both raw white and dope dyed are available.
Eco-friendly with Control Union GRS certificate
Same function and characteristics as virgin polyester filament
Include both DTY and FDY
Both raw white and dope dyed are available
Can be used for both knitted and woven fabrics.

DTY: 30D/36F, 50D/36F, 50D/72F, 75D/36F-144F, 100D/36F-144F, 150D/36-144F, 300D/96F
FDY: 30D/24F, 50D/24F, 50D/48F, 50D/72F, 75D/36F, 75D/72F, 100D/36F, 150D/72F